1871 Troy "Haymakers" BaseBall Club Document from the First Year

1871 Troy "Haymakers" BaseBall Club Document from the First Year of the National Association (the First Professional Baseball League)

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Troy, NY: 1871. Very rare. One page, partially printed document on "Haymaker Base Ball Club" letterhead, aprox. 5x7". Dated at Troy, N.Y., Oct. 19, 1871 and completed in ink. Original document from the Haymaker Base Ball Club of Troy, New York informing a shareholder of a meeting to be held at "Calder's Office" , 8PM, Friday, October 20th (1871) with notation at bottom "Very important". Traditionally, ball club stockholder meetings would be held (as in this case) shortly after the end of the playing season for the purpose of dividing profits (or, in the not unusual case of a loss for the year, making assessments of members) and paying off the players. The Haymaker Club of Troy was one of the founding members of baseball's first professional league, The National Association, which functioned from 1871 through 1875. The NA was not a strong league, plagued by weak teams, loose discipline and contract-jumping players and was replaced by the still-extant National League in 1876. Troy entered the National League in 1879 and in 1883 transferred the franchise to New York City where it became known as the Giants. Among the notable players to perform for both the Haymakers and the Giants were four future Hall of Famers---Roger Connor, Mickey Welch, Tim Keefe and Buck Ewing. Light mailing folds but otherwise a fine, clean piece. Material from the National Association is exceedingly rare.

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