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International Freethought Annual: A Group of Rationalists Look at the World of Today, Diagnose Some of Its Ills, and Point the Way to Intellectual, Social and Cultural Progress

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Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Publications, (1940), Wraps. 127 p. Unnumbered Big Blue Book. Contains "The Disastrous Pontificate of Pius XI" by J. W. Poynter, "The Materialist Conception of History" by Archibald Robertson, "Herbert Spencer's Last Years: Personal Recollections" by Walter Troughton, "Rationalism in America" by Dr. Horace J. Bridges, "On the Social Obligation of Rationalists" by Harold J. Laski, "Roman Catholic Propaganda" by J. W. Poynter, "The Early History of Rationalism in France" by Laski, "The Poetic Vision" by Llewelyn Powys, etc

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