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London: Archibald Constable & Co, 1908. With numerous drawings and photographic plates. Original cloth; an excellent copy with the ownership signature of Richard Moreland dated March, 1914 on paste-down. First edition of the first history of radio-telephony. Even at this early date in the development of the technology, the author focuses on the problems of its rapid rate of growth, the many systems proposed and choices made, plus issues dealing with commercial use in the immediate future. Monckton also discusses the scientific and technical aspects, including electrical vibrations, electro-magnetic waves, Hertz waves, instruments such as the oscillator and the receiver, and the experimental station. The appendix contains notes on the Morse alphabet, electrical units and international control of radio-telegraphy. Monckton notes the beginnings of radio with Maxwell, followed by the work of pioneers Hertz, Marconi and Rutherford. He shows the many improvements in transmitters and receivers, all illustrated with many figures and tables. FIRST EDITION.

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