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Lord Lothian vs. Lord Lothian: Excerpts from the Speeches and Writings of The Marquess of Lothian, British Ambassador to the United States Foreword by James Burr Hamilton

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Scotch Plain, N. J.: Flanders Hall, (1940), Wraps. 53 p. Quotes from Lord Lothian's earlier speeches and writings are reproduced in which he denounces Germany's treatment under the Versailles Treaty, praises National Socialism as just the thing for Germany, approves of German rearmament and territorial claims to Danzig, the Sudetenland, etc. These statements are contrasted with Lothian's more recent utterances made while he was trying to rally the Americans to join the War on the British side. Flanders Hall: Publishers was a Nazi propaganda mill headed by veteran seditionist George Sylvester Viereck. A 1941 Flanders Hall catalogue includes favorable blurbs for this book from the "Beacon Light" of William Kullgren and the "Patriotic Research Bureau" of Elizabeth Dilling

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