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The Coming Revolution

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Berkeley: Self-published, (1973), 8vo. Red limp pictorial cloth (showing a clenched fist in black). 496 p. According to a promotional leaflet dated 10/7/73: "Mr. Callison's book is a gold mine of documented facts and figures for the growing number of workers who are challenging the propaganda of capitalism. Beginning with a concise Marxist analysis of capitalism, and how and why it has developed into imperialism, Mr. Callison includes chapters on the corporate structure of U.S. imperialism; U.S. imperialism since World War II in Europe, Asia (emphasizing Indochina), Africa, and Latin America; chemical and biological warfare research; the profiteers of the 'arms race'; the capitalist destruction of the ecology; the futility of achieving socialism 'through the system'; the necessity for a socialist revolution in the U.S. and more besides" 1st ed. One of 936 copies. Fine.

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