Dine Israel: An Annual of Jewish Law and Israeli Family Law. Volume IV.

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Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law, 1973. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, cxxxviii, 280 pp. Articles in English are "On the Study of Jewish Law," Falk, "On the Transfer of Property from Jew to Non-Jew in Amoraic Palestine (200-400)," Daniel Sperber, "Notes on Jefker Bet-Din in Talmudic and Medieval law," Gerlad Blidstein, "The Eastern European Shetar Mamran Re-Examined," Abraham M. Fuss, "Hilluq and Haqira: A Study in the Method of the Lithuanian Halakhists," Norman Solomon, "Self-Incrimination in jewish Law (A Review-Essay)," Arnold Enker, "News in Israeli Family Law," Falk. Hebrew articles "Ecology and the Halakhah," Nahum Rakover, "Damages for Breach of Contract in Jewish Law," Shilem Warhaftig, "The Rabbinic Law of Agency for Illegal Acts," Kirschenbaum, "Self-Help in Jewish law," Yedidia Dinari, "Risk and Profit: A Chapter in the Economic Theory of the Talmud," Joshua Lieberman, "The Significance of the Expression Hakhamim Rishonim in Maimonides' Code," Yaakov Weiss, Rabbinic Jurisdiction in Marriage and Divorce in the Decisions of the Israeli Courts," Elisha Schoenbaum, "Reform Conversion Abroad - Its Validity in Israel," Avner Shawa, "Maintenance in jewish Law and in the State of Israel," Menashe Shawa, "Support of Relatives in jewish and Israeli Law," Moshe Drori, "A Persian Ketubah," Shlomo Tal, "Legal Research through Computers: The Responza Project," Menahem Slae. Reviews. Very Good.

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