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Messages from Higher Planes

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No place (Atascadero, Calif.?): Self-published, ca. 1960, Wraps. 117 p. A book of spirit messages, many allegedly from other planets. Kullgren was an astrologer, anti-Semite and self-described "Christian Crusader," who was tried for sedition during World War II. The following passage will suffice to give the flavor of this work: "A few months ago Abraham Lincoln through a medium in Pelley's headquarters, stated that Castro was not a Communist but a patriot of the first water. You can see today that he was in error. I violently disagreed with that prophecy at that time from physical facts alone, but when I saw Uranus crossing Castro's Sun I knew that was a dangerous sign. Uranus, by the way, is the ruling planet of Russia, and Russia's ruling planet dominated his Sun; that is, it was the motivating force in his life. You can judge for yourselves by the results today"

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