Eric Mendelsohn Architect 1887-1953.

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New York: The Monacelli Press, Inc, 1998. Oblong squarish quarto in dust jacket, 287 pp., b/w photos and drawings throughout, color drawings, notes, biography, selected bibliography, index Foreword by Esther Mendelsohn-Joseph. Preface by Regina Stephan. Articles are "'Why should we be laymen with respect to art?' The Formative Years 1910-1918," Hans R. Morgnethaler, "'Organic!' Einstein, Finlay-Freundlich, Mendelsohn, and the Einstein Tower in Potsdam," Kathleen James, "'Thinking from day to day, where history takes great turns, leaving hundreds of thousands unsatisfied,' Early Expressionist Buildings in Luckenwalde, Berlin, and Gleiwitz," Stephan, "'Around noon land in sight,' Travels to Holland, Palestine, the United States, and Russia," Ita Heinze-Greenberg, "The Merchandise is primary - all architectural means serve its praise,' Department Stores in Berlin, Breslau, Chemnitz, Duisburg, Nuremberg, Oslo, and Stuttgart, 1924-1932," Stephan, "'No stucco pastries for Potemkin and Scapa Flow,' Metropolitan Architecture in Berlin: The WOGA Complex and the Universum Cinema," Kathleen James, "'We Believe in Berlin!" The Metal Workers' Union Buildling, the Columbushaus, and Other Office Buildings in Berlin," Stephan, "'Russia - a miracle in the past and in the present,' Soviet Buildings and Projects," Kathleen James, "Even if the Berlin bulidings had been well underway I would have kept fighting,' Small Bulidings for the Jeiwsh Communities in Tilsit, Konigsberg and Essen," Kathleen James, "'One of the most lovable people and at the same time one of the most unpleasant,' Mendelsohn and His Assistants in the 1920s and Early 1930s," Stephan, "'The same means, the smae ends,' Privat Houses in Berlin and the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright," Stephan, "'I often fear the envy of the gods,' Success, House and Home," Ita Heinze-Greenberg, "'We'll leave it to the Schultzes from Naumberg to ignore the Mediterrenean as the father of the international art of composition,' The Mediterranean Academy Project and Mendelsohn's Emigration," Ita Heinze-Greeneberg, "'enough mistakes and experience behind me - enough strength and future before me,' Buildings in England and the Partenrship with Serge Chermayoff 1933-1941," Charlotte Benton, "'I am a free builder,' Architecture in Palestine 1934-1941," Ita Heinze-Greenberg, "'It will be hard for us to find a home,' Projects in the United States 1941-1953," Hans R. Morgenthaler. First Edition. Very Good.

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