The Song of Songs in the Targumic Tradition. Vocalized Aramaic Text with Facing English Translation and Ladino Versions, the 'Pa

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Cincinnati, Ohio: Ladino Books, 1993. Quarto, glossy paper cvoered boards, endpapers illustrated with a very enlarged version of the Colophon of the 'Arba'a Turim' by Jacob ben Asher of Toledo, xlvi, 506 pp., Remarks on the Aramaic-English Part, Aramaic-English Glossary and Concordance, Remarks on the Ladino Versions, Ladino-English Glossary of Select Lexical Items, Addenda, Bibliography, Index of Names, Index of Names in the Targum, Index of Subjects in the Targum, Afterword in Ladino. Scholarly apparatus in English. The text of the Selihot is in Hebrew, Ladino in Hebrew characters and Ladino in roman letter transliteration. Very Good.

ISBN: 1-878191-03-9

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