The Arts in Nazi Germany: Continuity, Conformity, Change.

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New York: Berghahn Books, 2006. Octavo, illustrated glossy paper covered boards, viii, 226 pp., b/w photos, appendixes, contributors, selected bibliography, index "Culture and the arts played a central role in the ideology and propaganda of National Socialism from the early years of the movement until the last months of the Third Reich in 1945. Hitler and his followers believed that art and culture were expressions of race, and that “Aryans” alone were capable of creating true art and preserving true German culture. This volume’s essays explore these and other aspects of the arts and cultural life under National Socialism, and are authored by some of the most respected authorities in the field: Alan Steinweis, Michael Kater, Eric Rentschler, Pamela Potter, Frank Trommler, and Jonathan Petropoulos. The result is a volume that offers students and interested readers a brief but focused introduction to this important aspect of the history of Nazi Germany. " from Berghahn Books website description. Introduction by Huener and Nicosia. Articles are "Anti-Semitism and the Arts in Nazi Ideology and policy," Alan E. Steinweis, "The Impact of American Popular Culture on German Youth," Michael H. Kater, "The Legacy of Nazi Cinema: 'Triumph of the Will' and 'Jew Süss' Revisited," Eric Rentschler, "Music in the Third Reich: The Complex Task of 'Germanization,'" Pamela M. Potter, "A Command Performance? The Many Faces of Literature under Nazism," Frank Trommler, "The Art World in Nazi Germany: Choices, Rationalization, and Justice," Jonathan Petropoulos." First Edition. Very Good.

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