Essays in Islamic Art and Architecture In Honor of Katharina Otto-Dorn. Islamic Art and Architecture 1.

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Malibu, California: Undena Publications, 1981. Quarto, paper covers, x, 138 pp., b/w photos and drawings. With a Bibliography of the Writings of Katharina Otto-Dorn. Foreword by Dorothea Duda (translated from the German by Irene Djobadze). Articles are "Heutiger Zustand der Forshungen und Studien zur T ürkischen Kunst in Tüurkei," M. Olus Arik, "The Islamic Tomb Tower: A Note on Its Genesis and Significance," Guitty Azarpay, "The Ruler in Cosmic Setting: A Note on Medeival Islamic Iconography," Eva Baer, "Symbolism of the Rabbit in the Manuscript of Wrqa Wa Gulshah," Daneshvari, "Turkish Ceramics and Turkish Painting: The Role of the Paper Cartoon in Turkish Ceramic Production," Walter B. Denny, "A Signed Bronze Vessel with Human Figures," G. Fehervari and M. Shokoohy, "From Tamberlane to the Taj Mahal," Lisa Golombek, "Notes on Ottoman Painting in the 15th Century," Ernst J. Grube, "Islamic Art at the Crossroads: East versus West at Mshatta," Robert Hellenbrand, "The Dervish Tekkes of Istanbul: A Survey of Progress," Raymond Lifchez and Zeynep Celik, "A Safavid Tile Spandrel with Hunting Scene in the Brooklyn Museum," Ingeborg Luschey-Schmeisser, "Human Figures on Anatolian Seljuk Sgraffiato and Champleve Ceramics," Gönül Öney, "A Propos du Cenotaphe de Mahmud a Ghazna (Afghanistan)," Janine Sourdel-Thomine. Very Good.

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