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Vol. 9, No. 10 (July-August, 1978) Special issue on black music. Contains "Music without Aesthetics: How Some Non-Musical Forces and Institutions Influence Change in Black Music" by Donald Byrd, "Black Music - More Than Meets the Ear" by Ann L. Carter, poetry by Chelle McMichael, "Sunshine and the Troubadors" by Beth Brown, poetry by Lance Jeffers, "An Interview with Prime Minister Lopo do Nascimento, of the People's Republic of Angola" by Robert F. Van Lierop, "Nuclear Power and the Black Liberation Struggle" by Kalamu ya Salaam/Ahidiana, "The Black Scholar Interviews: Darcus Howe, Part Two," "Black Bookstores in England Resist Fascist Attacks" "National Black United Fund Second Annual Conference: A Retrospective" by Booker Griffin, poetry by Benjamin Williams, "A Response to Muhammad Ahmad" by M. Ron Karenga, etc Very good.

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