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Vol. 11, No. 4 (March-April, 1980). Special issue on black politics. Contains "Let's Unite to Stamp out the Klan" by Frances M. Beal, "Politics and Public Policy Priorities in the 1980s" by Margarite R. Barnett and Ndoro Vincent Vera, "Black Presidential Politics in 1980: Bargaining or Begging?" by Ronald W. Walters, "The National Black Political Assembly: Building Independent Black Politics in the 1980s" by Ron Daniels, "Congressional Black Caucus Opposes Latest Round of Budget Cuts," "Perspective on Human Rights" by Chokwe Lumumba, "Which Way the Black Liberation Movement?" by Nelson Johnson and Phil Thompson, "Racism and the Numbers Game: Black People and the 1980 Census" by Gerald McWorter, "A Report from a Conference on the Population Undercount" by Ronald Bailey, "In Memoriam - Robert Hayden," "Dellums Denounces Carter Proposals for the Resumption of the Draft," etc Very good.

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