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Vol. 18, No. 6 (November-December, 1987) Special issue on "Southern Africa: The Frontline War." Contains "An American Agenda with Southern Africa" by Jesse L. Jackson, "Strategic Options for International Companies" by Oliver Tambo, "Implement U. N. Resolution 435" by Theo-Ben Gurirab, "The Role of South Africa's Aggression upon Hunger and Famine in Southern Africa" by James D. Steele, "'War against Kids' in Southern Africa" by Stan West, "U. S. Aid to S.A.D.C.C. Helps Anti-Apartheid Cause" by Randall Robinson, "U. S. Policy toward Mozambique: Right vs Center" by Shirley Washington, "The Hormoine Massacre" by Mark Van Koevering, "Renamo: Rural Terrorism at Work," "Who Supports UNITA and Renamo?," "The Politics of Namibia's Liberation" by Gwen McKinney, etc Very good.

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