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Fools Gold: An Exposť of Un-American Activities and Political Action in the United States since 1860

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New York: Madison & Marshall, Inc., 1936, vii, 234 p. "Mr. Marvin, a student of Socialism and Communism for many years, has explained in this book the reasons for the present revolutionary legislation which is now taking place in Washington and - Shows why the philosophy upon which the New Deal is founded, stripped of all disguise, is simply Socialism and Communism... Reveals how the Communists entered the United States and their plans to set up a soviet form of government, Explains the diabolical Socialist plan to 'steal' the two major parties by boring from within and thus deceiving the voters of the country ..." - John B. Snow, "Books Which Penetrate the Fog of Political Confusion" 1st ed. Fine in d.w. with some minor chipping at top edge.

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