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"An Agent of Fascism" In "The Communist International"

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Vol. XIII, No. 10 (October, 1936) Also contains "The Draft of the New Soviet Constitution as Dealt with in the Communist Press" by G. Friedrich. Other contributions include "To Protect Despicable Terrorists Is to Help Fascism" by Georgi Dimitroff, "The Trotsky-Zinoviev Fascist Gang before the Court," "What Is Happening in Spain?" by Dolores Ibarruri, "Long Live the Spanish People, Long Live the Spanish Democratic Republic" by K(lement) Gottwald, "Solidarity Campaign in Aid of the Spanish People," "Reminiscences of the First Congress of the Communist Party in China" by Chen Pan-tsu, "The Olympic Torches in the Hands of the Warmongers" by K. Rolph, etc

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