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The Alabaster Bambino

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New York: Paesano Press, (1963), Cloth. 282 p. Novel about Gino Balsalmo, an "Italo-American youth of sixteen who is altar boy at St. Anthony's church. Steeped in religious lore," he is now in "his adolescent years being consumed by the fires of biological urges and rampant sexual curiosity." After a brief interlude with the "town nymphomaniac" he meets a night club dancer, a "predatory, amoral creature" who has "indulged in just about every sexual peccadillo known to Krafft-Ebbing." Their "torrid affair makes up the pivotal action of this absorbing novel and its resolution triggers the story's tragic and moving climax." Pepe is compared in the d. w. blurb with James Jones, James T. Farrell, George Orwell and John O'Hara and is said to be a "novelist to watch in the near future" 1st ed. SIGNED. Fine in d. w.

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