Creating the Not So Big House

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Taunton Press, 01/02. From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved Architect Susanka has big ideas about small home design. Her 1998 bestseller, The Not So Big House, showcased examples of excellent designs in small houses. Her new book continues to promote well-designed, efficient, interesting modest-size homes. Reacting to the American trend to build "starter castles" on small lots, Susanka proposes that these same homeowners would actually be happier in fully functioning small homes. Her basic philosophy seems to be: 1) recognize that the kitchen is the heart of the modern American home, so don't isolate it behind a wall; 2) do away with the unused formal spaces so often seen in homes; 3) use the money instead for especially useful or beautiful details: built-in furniture, interior columns used to define spaces, interesting lighting, materials, and decorating. To illustrate these principles, Susanka includes 25 delightful examples of houses designed by architects from around the country. Each example features gorgeous photographs and Susanka's simple, readable prose. For small families, confirmed singles, and retirees, this book offers expert ideas on finding or creating the right-size home sweet home. James Klise From Builders Booksource: Susaka's 1998 book The Not So Big House was, and continues to be, an irreplaceable best-seller. In it she focuses on the principles and ideals behind her commitment that for any given budget, smaller, more carefully and creatively detailed homes are always better. In this new book, she has collected designs for 20 new homes and 5 remodels that reflect her ideals. 25 designers are represented with 25 very different styles. This will be a timeless new resource. (do visit the "Not So Big House" website!) 258 pages, $24.95 paperback, Taunton Press (1/02) Now available in a paperback edition!

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