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Surrealism?: I Don't Play That Game; No More Room Service

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Chicago: Self-published, 1973, Wraps. Unpaginated. "On March 16, 1973, following a long period of general decay and no little self-indulgence, the surrealists of Chicago... dismembered, for all but practical purposes. The following two essays deal in summary form with the ideological underpinnings of the conflicts that led to our leaving the coterie, which today consists of: Franklin and Penelope Rosemont, Paul Garon, Stephen Schwartz, and Peter Manti. No other members, such as it were, can be assumed, although we understand that Philip Lamantia, dragged away from the cross by Schwartz, is being dusted off for the great adventure. This is not our last word" 1st ed. Very good.

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