The Israel Museum Journal Volume V, Spring 1986.

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Jerusalem: The Israel Museum, 1985. Royal octavo, paper covers, 142 pp., b/w photos and drawings, ads Articles are "Naturalistic Depictions in the Gilat Sculptured Vessels," Miriam Tadmor, "The Excavation of Two Tomb-Caves: One at Ancient Arad and One in the Beth Shean Valley," Ruth Amiran, Michael Saban, Ornit Ilan, Patricia Smith, Liora Horwitz, Dov Levitte, "The Dayan Collection: The Stone Vessels," Christa Clamer, "'The House of David' on an Ossuary," David Flusser, "The Diet of Palestine in the Roman Period - Introductory Notes," Broshi, "Likeness and Vision: 'Loca Sancta' Tradition and Apocalyptic Inspiration in Christian Medieval Imagery," Bianca Kühnel, "Arimaspians and Griffins on an Attic Lekanis at the Israel Museum," Ehud H. Loeb, "Islamic Mirrors," Na'ama Broshi, "Anti-Cultural Project: Dubuffet's Works in the Israel Museum," Ygal Zalmona, "Attribution Confirmed: A Drawing by Larionov," Ruth Apter-Gabriel, "'Picasso-Head': A Watercolor by Ashile Gorky," Barsky, "The Statue from Beth Shean," Shimon Applebaum, "A New Lead Weight," Ya;akov Meshorer, "An Esther Scroll by Shalom Italie," Michel Garel, "Shmuel Laniado's Plate," Avi Nilsson Ben-Zvi, "Boris Aronson's Chassidic Dance Costume Design for Baruch Agadati," Meira Perry-Lehmann, "A Hemba Sculpture," Dan Eban. Very Good.

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