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Lucerne: C.J. Bucher, Ltd, 1962. 4to. Vol. 1: 238 pp. 49 color plates. 49 b/w. photographs. Vol. 2: 237 pp. 51 color plates. 51 b/w. photographs. 2 vols. The 100 American artists included were all living at the time of the creation of this book, April, 1962. The sequence of the artists is chronological by year of birth starting with Hans Hofmann and ending with Richard Lytle. Each artist is represented by a full page b/w. photograph , a text on rough textured paper ala Willem Sandberg and a folding statement by the artist which also contains a color reproduction. Many of the photographs are by Fred W. McDarrah as one would expect. Printed in offset, gravure and letterpress by C.J. Bucher Ltd. Color plate photo-lithography executed by Colorlito, Reproduzioni Per Arti Grafiche (Milan) and Arte Grafica Amilcare Pizzi (Milan). Paper especially manufactured by the Lessebo Paper Mills (Sweden). Slipcase and bookbinding executed by Grossbuchbinderei Sigloch (Stuttgart). It is a tour de force of bookmaking and a wonder to see so many venerable artists in their younger days. American and Canadian distribution by Viking Press, New York. mint in almost mint slipcase.

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