I Am Cuba: The Ultimate Edition

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Harrington Park, NJ: Milestone Film & Video, 2007. 6" x 9.25", 13 + 3 CD's, Boxed set containing a booklet in wraps, and three CD's, box is decorated like a box of Cuban cigars. Boxed set containing four items: (1) a soft-cover booklet, I Am Cuba: The True Story; (2) a CD of I Am Cuba, a new high-definition master from the original Russian 35mm fine grain master black and white 1964 movie, a video interview with Martin Scorsese, language tracks in both Spanish and Russian with new English intertitles, and other features; (3) a CD including The Siberian Mammoth, a documentary on the making of I Am Cuba, and an interview with screenwriter Yevgeny Yevtushenko; and (4) a CD containing a documentary film about Mikhail Kalatozov, the director of I Am Cuba. as new (boxed set containing a booklet and 3 CD's).

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