Mr. Henry Arthur Jones

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n.p: 1907. Gouache and wash over pencil on paper, signed "Max" (lower right). 1 vols. 10-1/2 x 8 in. The Playwright Henry Arthur Jones, by Max Beerbohm. Henry Arthur Jones was an English playwright who, without reaching the heights of Wilde or Shaw, enjoyed three decades of almost unbroken successes, beginning in 1882 with "The Silver King," the most celebrated melodrama of its day. He was brilliant, controversal, unafraid of unpopular social commentary, and a master of dialogue. He was, notes Kunitz & Haycraft, "a pioneer in the revival of the English drama after a period of decay lasting nearly a century." This is one of five caricatures Max did of the playwright. Exhibited: Carfax Gallery (1907). Literature: Hart-Davis, no. 835 Framed.

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