"Boots and Saddles" of Life in Dakota with General Custer

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New York: Harper & Brothers, 1885. First edition, issue with map and portrait. Frontispiece portrait and map. Pp. 312. 1 vols. 8vo. Lines in musical stave within banner on upper cover slightly thicker than the issue without portrait and map, most evident at the end of the second line of music with the three verticle lines appearing almost solid. The stamped gilt horn image penetrates the borders of the banner and the lower portion of the bell of the horn connects with the banner between the first two sets of notes (the other connects under the second set of notes) and the gilt of the horn overlaps the border. Author's name on title is 47mm as compared to the 39 mm width of the without map and portrait issue. Title reading "With Portrait and Map". Howes C980; Graff 959 First edition, issue with map and portrait. Original light brown decorated cloth, cocoa endpapers. A very nice copy with signature of "Mary A. Dixon 1885 Dec 1885.".

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