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The Article of Ponomariov and the Concrete and Historic Function of Trotskyism as the Consistent Continuation of Marxism

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London: European Marxist Review Publications / Revolutionary Workers Party (Trotskyist), British Section of the IV. Internationa, 8 1/4 x 11 5/8 in. Mimeographed. 39 p. J. Posadas was the party name of Homero Cristali, a Chilean Trotskyist who was one of the more idiosyncratic leaders of the movement. He led the Latin American Bureau of the International Secretariat. Refusing to go along with the unity movement which led to the formation of the United Secretariat, he formed his own rival version of the Fourth International. Writing with, according to Robert J. Alexander, a "tortured method of expression which at times bordered on incomprehensibility," he advanced several positions which were at variance with orthodox Trotskyism, among which was his belief in the inevitability of atomic warfare, which would "provoke a true inferno on earth," but would lead to a communist society Short tear in fore edges of several leaves.

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