LEAF FROM THE 1611 KING JAMES BIBLE, a Leaf From EXODUS containing part of Chapter XXIV, all of Chapter XXV and part of XXVI

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([London: Robert Barker, 1611]), A LEAF IN PERFECT CONDITION FROM THE BOOK OF EXODUS FROM THE EDITIO PRINCEPS OF KING JAMES' BIBLE, COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE 'AUTHORIZED' VERSION, A LANDMARK OF PRINTING AND THE MOST FAMOUS OF ALL ENGLISH BIBLES. The King James Bible was described by W. A. Jackson as "perhaps the single most important influence upon the development of English prose style." It was royally commissioned, in the hopes of reconciling or ameliorating the conflicts between the Bishop's Bible, officially read in services, and the Geneva Bible, much more popular among the laity, but mistrusted within much of the Church hierarchy as being aggressively radical, especially in its annotations. A single leaf from the First Edition or the Editio Princeps of the King James' Bible. Printed double-column with headlines and chapter lines, this leaf with a fine six line ornamental capital initial on one side and a fine five line capital initial on the other, text within woodcut rules, in both gothic and roman letter. Royal Folio, Single leaf. A very well preserved leaf, with virtually no wear and only the lightest of discoloration along the inner margin.

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