Humanistic Judaism, Journal for the Fourth Alternative, Winter, 1985, Volume XIII, Number IV. Humanistic Judaism in Israel.

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Farmington Hills, Michigan: Society for Humanistic Judaism, 1985. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 46 pp. Articles are "A Secular Yeshiva," Sherwin T. Wine, "Israeli Humanism: Beginnings," Youval Tal, "Who Is a Jew?" Haim H. Cohn, "Judaism at a Time of Crisis and Extremism," Yehuda Bauer, "Can a Secular Nation Survive?" Aviva Aviv, "Ten Arabian Nights in Jerusalem," Marilyn Rowens, "Stolen Thunder," Steven Novak, "Israel and My Search for Jewish Identity," Melissa Solomon, "How I came to Secular Humanistic Judaism in Israel," George E. Levinrew, "Never Again: a poem," Morris C. Soronow, "A Commentary on Charles E. Silbermann's 'A Certain People,'" Daniel Friedman, "Behind the Mask of the Judeo-Christian Tradition," Bernard I. Forman, "Beth Chai Revisited," Pamela Friedman. Very Good.

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