A handmade replica of the precious original Chinese bowl in the State Library of New South Wales

Price: 16,500.00 AUD

Jingdezhen: handmade for Hordern House, 2014. Hand cast and hand painted porcelain punchbowl, 170 mm height, 450 mm diameter; contained in a specially made wooden case, accompanied by a limited edition book. Superb replica of one of the most fascinating of all the unique treasures held in the State Library of New South Wales: the Sydney Punchbowl, the fine large porcelain bowl manufactured in China around 1820. The bowl is decorated with a panoramic scene of Sydney Cove around the outside and a group of Aboriginal figures on the inside, and finished with exquisite floral and gilded banding. As the culmination of an eight-year project Hordern House finally offered for sale just 25 examples of this remarkable production. Hand-made for Hordern House by Chinese craftsmen in the so-called "porcelain city" of Jingdezhen, the design, shape and hand-painted colours and gilding are as true and accurate a representation of the unique and beautiful original as is possible, though as a handmade object no two examples are exactly alike: each one is unique. Accompanying each bowl is a finely produced monograph on its history by Elizabeth Ellis OAM (former Mitchell Librarian and now an emeritus curator of the State Library of New South Wales) in a special limited edition. Contact Hordern House for further details and to view the bowl. An information sheet and order form are available at http://www.hordern.com/details.php?record=4312726, or contact us for a copy of the full colour brochure. Mint condition.

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