Shall We Commit Suicide

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New York: Eilert Printing Company, Inc, 1924. This scarce, original 1924 pamphlet contains a prescient and grim discussion of the potential horrors of future warfare and advocacy for the League of Nations for international standards of "sanity and hope". Among the issues discussed by Churchill is the prospect of biological warfare: "A study of Disease - of Pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast - is certainly being pursued in the laboratories of more than one great country. Blight to destroy crops, Anthrax to slay horses and cattle, Plague to poison not armies but whole districts - such are the lines along which military science is remorselessly advancing." The pamphlet is introduced with an exhortation on the front cover by Charles W. Eliot, Harvard University's longest serving president and a noted supporter of progressive movement causes: "This Statement of the English Winston Churchill, in view of the actual and prospective destructive agencies available in war, should be placed forthwith in every American household." This pamphlet measures 8 x 3.5 inches and is 11 pages in length, wire-stitched with paper covers. Condition is good overall, quite respectable given the age and inherent fragility of the publication. Both binding staples are intact with minimal corrosion and the covers remain firmly attached and substantially intact. The significant flaw is at the bottom 1.25 inch of the pamphlet, which shows wrinkling, fractional chipping at the lower front cover and bottom edge of the first few pages, and toning to the bottom edge. The balance of the pamphlet is crisp with mild toning to the edges and two small marks the upper edge of the front cover. Churchill's article originally appeared in the September 1924 issue of Nash's Pall Mall and was subsequently reproduced in Thoughts and Adventures (1932). The pamphlet is protected in a removable, archival quality mylar sleeve. Bibliographic reference: Cohen A74.1, Woods A33. 1st Edition. Good.

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