One Continent Redeemed!

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London: The Daily Telegraph, 1943. This is the scarce first edition, only printing of Churchill's 19 May 1943 speech to the U.S. Congress. This was Churchill's second address to Congress, seventeen long months of war having passed in the interval since his first, just after Pearl Harbor. Churchill's address came only days after the Allies' total victory in Tunisia. Allied victory in North Africa not only removed Nazi Germany from the African continent (hence the title "One continent redeemed!"), but also cleared the way for invasion of Sicily and opened a vital route via North Africa for Stalin to be sent promised supplies - politically important particularly given the strain placed upon Allied relations by discovery of the Katyn massacre. Churchill departed for the four-day voyage to the United States aboard the Queen Mary on 6 May. From the 11th on, Churchill was with Roosevelt in Washington and at "Shangri-La", the President's Allegheny mountains retreat, discussing, debating, and planning the course of the war. Nonetheless, Churchill took considerable time to prepare his address to Congress. Biographer Sir Martin Gilbert tells us that "Churchill spent most of May 18 preparing the speech for the United States Congress. Beginning that morning at 9:30, he dictated until 4:30 in the afternoon". According to Gilbert, "There was then further dictation from midnight until 2:30 in the morning: a total of nine and a half hours dictation." (Gilbert, Volume VII, pages 408-409) Churchill's task was to continue to reinforce common cause, unified strategy, and mutual resolve. "I do not intend to be responsible for any suggestion that the war is won or will soon be over." Churchill cautioned, invoking, for his American audience, the grim memory of the prolonged outcome of the U.S. Civil War. "No one after Gettysburg doubted which way the dread balance of war would incline. Yet far more blood was shed after the Union victory at Gettysburg than in all the fighting which went before." Churchill concluded: "By singleness of purpose, by steadfastness of conduct, by tenacity and endurance, such as we have so far displayed, by these, and only by these, can we discharge our duty to the future of the world and to the destiny of man." There were multiple editions of this speech, but the first was this edition published by The Daily Telegraph on cheap, thin wartime newsprint stock. The fragile wartime pamphlet is eight pages consisting of two folded sheets, each bearing four pages. The pamphlet measures 7.25 x 5 inches. Condition of this copy is good only. The pamphlet is intact with only small losses, none affecting the text. Nonetheless, consistent with its age and perishability, the pamphlet does bear numerous small chips to the fore edge of the front cover, a split at the lower hinge fold, and general wear to the extremities. Cohen (A181.1) indicates that the pamphlet is wire stitched, but this copy shows no evidence of ever having been stapled, so the folded signature bearing pages 3-6 is simply enfolded between the signature bearing pages 1, 2, 7, and 8. The pamphlet is protected in a clear, removable sleeve. Bibliographic reference: Cohen A181.1, Woods/ICS A93(c). First edition, only printing. Good.

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