A Message from the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill, C.H.,

A Message from the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill, C.H., M.P. President, British Section, New Commonwealth Society

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London: New Commonwealth Society, Thorney House, Smith Square, 1936. This is a quite scarce Churchill speech item from the mid-1930s in the unusual form of a postcard with reply card attached. In 1936 Churchill was asked to become President of the British Section of the New Commonwealth Society. Churchill Bibliographer Ronald Cohen suggests that this postcard was a solicitation for membership circulated about the time of Churchill's major speech for the New Commonwealth Society of 25 November 1936 and was possibly handed out on the occasion. The New Commonwealth Society had formed in 1932 to promote maintenance of international law and order "through the creation of an Equity Tribunal and an International Police Force", as well as creation of an "International Air Police" under the League of Nations. Society members regarded Churchill as the leading public figure sympathetic to their basic principles and forty-one Members of Parliament (cutting across all party boundaries), all members of the Society's Parliamentary Group, urged Churchill to accept leadership. (See Gilbert's Volume V, pp.747-48, for further discussion). The postcard measures 5.5 x 7 inches. Condition is very good, particularly for such a perishable item. It is clean, bright, and complete, marred only by some mild spotting and a fractional loss at the lower left corner. The perforation line for the return card is only partially torn, with the upper half still intact, connecting the detachable portion meant for subscribers and return addressed to the General Secretary of the New Commonwealth Society. The Message from Churchill is two paragraphs on the New Commonwealth Society and is signed in facsimlie. The balance of the card bears a statement of goals of the Society. This item is protected in a removable, archival quality mylar sleeve. Reference: Cohen A103/1, Woods A40/2. First edition.

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