[FROISSARTS CHRONYCLES]. Here begynneth the fyrst volum of Syr Iohan Froyssart of the cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spayne, Portyngale, Scotlaude [sic], Bretayne, Flaunders: and other places adioynynge. Translated out of frenche into our materall [sic]

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(London: Wyllyam Myddylton 1, [1542 and circa 1535]), ESPECIALLY RARE, THE HUNTINGTON AND MORGAN COPIES ARE THE ONLY TWO LISTED ON OCLC. THE SECOND COMPLETE EDITION IN ENGLISH OF THE FIRST TWO BOOKS OF THE GREAT CHRONICLE OF EUROPE, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT RENAISSANCE WORK OF EUROPEAN HISTORY. Translated from the French by John Bourchier, second baron Berners (1467-1533), at the behest of King Henry VIII. "Bourchier's English style is so vivid and so little frenchified that his translation of Froissart is justly esteemed as a classic of English literature. It was the most extensive historical work that had yet appeared in the English language, and it exercised a considerable influence on English historical writing throughout the sixteenth century and beyond. Pynson's edition is a major monument of English printing in the sixteenth century. Complete sets are very rare; and most of the sets in institutional collections (the British Library, Ashburnham, Bodleian, Harvard and Yale copies, among others) are imperfect in some degree or wrongly made up" (quoted in the catalogue for the Garden sale, Sotheby's New York, 8 and 9 November 1989). "Froissart might be called the great interviewer of the Middle Ages. The newspaper correspondent of modern times has scarcely surpassed this medieval collector of intelligence. He travelled extensively in the various countries of Europe; he conversed with gentlemen of rank everywhere; and he had the remarkable knack of persuading those about him to divulge all he wanted to know. He learned the details of battles from both sides and from every point of view. He delighted in the minutest affairs of every cavalry skirmish, of the capture of every castle, and of every brave action and gallant deed. He lived from 1337 to about 1410, and wrote chiefly of contemporaneous events. The 'Chronicles' are universally considered as the most vivid and faithful picture we have of events in the fourteenth century....As a picture of the most favorable side of chivalry, the work has no equal" (Adams, Manual of Historical Literature, pp. 334-5). "Like Froissart, Bourchier moved about amongst the noblesse; Henry VIII made him his Chancellor of the Exchequer for life and three years previous to the publication of the first volume above, he was present with that monarch at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.". RARE, The second edition of the translation of books 1 and 2 of the "Chroniques." Middleton's name and address from colophon. Publication date conjectured by STC. Includes some sheets printed by Richard Redman, ca. 1535, possibly to make up a lack of sheets in first edition stock (STC). Printed in black letter, double columns, very large and fine woodcut initials all throughout. Folio in sixes, (308 x 215 mm), very handsomely bound to style in half brown calf over antique wooden boards, the back tooled in blind with a geometic pattern, at the centers of each compartment, large medieval styled tooling, the spine with tall raised bands, the beveled outside board edge with remnants of the holes and ties from early use. A1 (title) supplied in partial facsimile; A2-A6 (Preface and Table); B1-B4 [Table]; a1-ooo4 (fol. primo-fol. CCCXXII). A very handsome and textually complete copy of this extremely rare printing. Title-page bound in on a tab, the text for the most part very well preserved and fresh, occasional evidence of old damp or other minor staining, one leaf torn at outer edge with old wax repair lacking only a small hole effecting a few words, some worming, heavy at the prelims but quickly lessens to unobtrusive. The antique wooden boards with some age, the tooled backing in excellent condition.

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