A Clockwork Orange. First Draft Screenplay by -- from his novel. (A Max L. Raab - Si Litvinoff Production.)

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London: N. p, 1966. Only edition. Title in ink on spine. Number 7 written in ink on cover. With Si Litvinoff's ownership signature on title page. In original orange cover. (1), 89 leaves. Si Litvinoff's copy, who was the executive producer of the 1971 Stanley Kubrick movie. Litvinoff optioned Burgess' book "A Clockwork Orange" in 1966. The first version of the screenplay was written by Terry Southern, but Litvinoff commissioned a new screenplay by Anthony Burgess. This version is mentioned in John Baxter's book about Kubrick as a 300 pages screenplay but Litvinoff explodes this myth in an interview, saying that "a British critic named Adrian Turner saw the Burgess screenplay and it was more than 300 pages long. More nonsense. The Burgess screenplay, which I have, is 89 pages long". An important and unique memorabilia of Kubrick's legendary movie. McDougal, Stuart Y.: Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Cambridge, New York, 2003. Cambridge University Press.; Baxter, John: Stanley Kubrick. A Biography. New York, 1997. Caroll & Graf Publishers.]. Only edition. Title in ink on spine. Number 7 written in ink on . Fine condition.

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