Towards Democracy

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London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1892. Original dark blue, blocked in black and gilt. Covers a bit darkened, very good. Inscribed "Lucy Ashmore from her friend E.C., May 30th '93". The first edition issued under Carpenter's name. The work was much influenced by his deep reading of Walt Whitman.  Carpenter in "My Days and Dreams" wrote:  "I could stand [Sheffield] no longer - and I fled away and took rooms at Chesterfield - dullest alas! of earthly places, but with a rather better climate. Perhaps I rather liked the quietude of Chesterfield - where it was hardly necessary to know anybody. There were good country walks out towards the moors, and once or twice I got as far as Barlow, half-way to Millthorpe - Of which place, needless to say, I had then never heard. I penetrated, during my stay in Chesterfield, into the cottage of a plasterer, a dear old man, S. Ashmore, and became familiar in his household - the only permanent alliance I made in Chesterfield" Lucy was the wife of "dear old" Samuel Ashmore. Third edition enlarged.

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