Are You Listening (Original photograph from the set of the

Are You Listening (Original photograph from the set of the 1932 pre-Code film)

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Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1932. Vintage reference photograph, with snipe printed on the verso identifying director Harry Beaumont on the set with actresses Anita Page and Joan Marsh in the 1932 film, based on the 1932 J.P. McEvoy novel of the same name. With an additional stamp on the verso reading "Country of origin USA." Left jobless and about to be kicked out of his apartment by the Great Depression, a former radio writer accidentally kills his wife. Going on the run with his mistress, he comes on a radio show hosted by his former boss to protest his innocence and lead a manhunt for the "killer." 10 x 8 inches. About Near Fine with some light creasing to the corners and light soil.

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