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Rails Of The World, A Monograph of the Family Rallidae by S. Dillon Ripley.

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Toronto: M.F. Feheley Publishers Limited, 1977. Folio, xiii, 406 pp. Forty one paintings reproduced in seven color offset printed one side only. 17 distribution maps " Birds of the family Rallidae, collectively known as rails, include coots, rails and gallimules. They are among the least known and the most elusive of any bird species. This book is the definitive study on rails, which are found in almost all parts of the world". " S. Dillon Ripley, eighth Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. brings enormous zest to each of his many interests, but to none more than his study of birds. He has been studying these birds since he came across his first forest rail in the mountains of New Guinea in 1938. Sadly, like many animal groups, the future of these birds is darkened by the shadows of extinct species and the threat of extinction of many living species They are particularly vulnerable to predation because they do not fly well. if at all. they are fine game birds, and they are losing their habitats as marshlands are filled in for development" A magnificent example of book publishing to the most exacting and attractive standards. " To all those to whom the moor speaks---- and the silent marsh". Mint asi ssued in the original thin, plain publisher's slipcase. .

ISBN: 0-919880-07-X.

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