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New York: German Library of Information, 1941. Large quarto. 4pp (Index), [4] leaves, [4], [4], [4] leaves, [4]pp, 8, 8, 4 leaves, 4 leaves, 8pp, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8pp (Vol. 1); 16pp (Index), 280pp (Vol. 2, part 1); 16pp (Index), 281-636pp (Vol. 2, part 2); 336pp (Vol. 3). Modern black cloth, with gold lettering to spine. "Facts in Review" was a Nazi propaganda newsletter produced by the German Library of Information in New York City prior to the start of WWII. Funded directly by the Third Reich and overseen by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of information and propaganda, the magazine provided the American public a view of World War II through the eyes of Nazi Germany. George Sylvester Viereck, a registered agent for Germany, a poet, intellectual, journalist and Nazi front man was its editor until the magazine was shut down by the U.S. government in June 1941. In its short 22 months of existence, "Facts in Review" had grown from an original four-page format to forty pages (Issue dated April 10, 1941). Printed on medium grade bond paper, all of the printing was done by union labor, and stamped with the union bug and 'Printed in USA,' on the back. The magazine had a mailing list of 70,000, and was sent free of charge to wealthy American families, businessmen, congressmen and senators, and other prominent individuals. Matters of politics, war, new products, movies, books, art, science, etc. are discussed in each issue. Includes the following articles: Adolf Hitler's Proclamation to the Reichstag on September 1, 1939, and The German White Book (Vol. 1, No. 6); Documents, Statements and Comments Pertaining to the German-Russian Agreement (Vol. 1, No. 9); Religion's Place in the Third Reich (Vol. 2, No. 19); "Atrocities" - A Talk by "Lord Haw-Haw" Over the German Short Waves (Vol. 2, No. 22); German Art and Degenerate Art (Vol. 2, No. 23); Marshal Goering: "America Cannot Be Invaded" (Vol. 2, No. 33); Chancellor Hitler Speaks to the German Workers (Vol. 3, No. 3); Adolf Hitler Speaks to the German Nation (Vol. 3, No. 6); Why the German Worker Backs Adolf Hitler (Vol. 3, No. 12); The Conductor and His Relationship to the Composer, by Wilhelm Furtwängler (Vol. 3, No. 14); Dr. Ferdinand Porsche: The Creator of the People's Car (Vol. 3, No. 19), etc.. Most issues contain a detailed radio guide called "Germany Calling," listing all the programs broadcast in German and English each day from Berlin to North America. Another regular feature is "What Germany Hears and Says," which is a summary of news from Nazi Germany written in English. Controversial from the first issue on, "Facts in Review" contained b/w illustrations (maps, charts, anti-Allies caricatures), and photographic reproductions of 'happy' German civilians, workers, soldiers, as well as positive stories on Germany's war of aggression and conquest, and praise for the Third Reich. This bound volume contains the following: - Volume I, Nos 1-19, contains the entire first year from August 16 to December 28, 1939, including the 4-page Index. - Volume II, Nos 1-26, contains the entire first half of the second year of publication from January 6 to June 24, 1940, including the 16-page Index - Volume II, Nos 27-50, contains the entire second half of the second year of publication from July 1 to December 31, 1940, including the 16-page Index. - Volume III, Nos 1-20, contains the entire third year of publication, from January 6 to June 7, 1941. From issue number 13 through number 20, "Facts in Review" took on a new look using red color or a grey border on the cover. Minor shelf wear. Library stamp on each paper edge (Pollack Library). Binding in overall good+ to very good, interior in very good condition. First edition. vg.

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