Futurizm: radikal'naia revoliutsiia: Italiia - Rossiia: k 100-letiiu khudozhestvennogo dvizheniia / Futurismo: Rivoluzione radicale: Italia - Russia: Centinario del movimento artistico; E. A. Bobrinskaia

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Moscow: Krasnaia ploshchad', 2008. This exceptionally rich catalogue of an exhibition at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts publishes almost 300 Russian and Italian paintings, posters, illustrations and book covers. Sketches the lives and careers of fifty artists who shaped the movement known as futurism enhance the reference value of the book. Authors point out the irony of similar art forms arising in antithetical political movements. Works come from over twenty museums in Russian and ten in Western Europe and the United States: one sees juxtaposed two major veins of modern art that shook up tradition in the early twentieth century. Russian artists include such major figures of the avant-garde period as Olga Rozanova, Mikhail Larionov, Alexander Rodchenko, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Kirill Zhdanevich, and Vasilii Kamenskii. 303 p., 30 cm., approx. 300 color and b/w illus., Rus. with title page in Italian.

ISBN: 9785900743974

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