Silver Gifts from Swedish Monarchs to Russian Tsars during the Seventeenth Century

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Stockholm: Atlantis, 2014. The works works of silver published in this catalogue of an exhibition at the Moscow Kremlin Museum are masterpieces of European silver work from the principal silver smiths of Stockholm, Augsburg, Hamburg, and Nurenburg. As neighbors and rivals in northern Europe Sweden and Russia conducted frequent negotiations and sent embassies to each other's capitals, and gifts were an integral part of keeping up good relations. The Swedish court did not stint in presenting the most splendid works - cups, bowls, ewers, tankards, candlesticks, and figurines are designed with plant and animal forms, human and mythological figures. The catalogue is as much about diplomacy between two neighbors and rivals as it is about metalwork, and the chapters center on specific historical events, monarchs and tsars. Many prints, drawings, and paintings evoke the context in which the gifts of silver were presented. 422 p, 32 cm, approx. 300 color illus., ENGLISH.

ISBN: 9789173534307

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