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One Big Union: Industrial Workers of the World

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Cleveland: Cleveland Organization Committee, Metal and Machinery Workers Industrial Union No. 440 of the I.W.W., ca. 1934, Single sheet measuring 17 x 14" (printed on both sides) . On the recto apears the "great wheel" (measuring 13" in diameter) depicting the organizational structure of the I.W.W. On the verso appears text extolling the virtues of the One Big Union. The "recent San Francisco General Strike" is discussed. The assertion is made that: "One of the big lessons of the Frisco strike is the fact that One Big Strike calls for a new union alignment. More and more will the modern wage worker learn that trying to get General Strike performance from a craft union is like trying to get an airplane speed from a horse and buggy. This is obviously as impossible as it would be to fire heavy artillery projectables from a pop-gun. There is no escaping the fact that One Big Strike calls for One Big Union"

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