PMLA: Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, Vol. LVIII, March, 1943, Part 1, No. 1.

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New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1943. Octavo, paper covers, 308 pp., ads Articles are "The 'Fair Unknown' in Malory," Robert H. Wilson, "Literary Problems in More's 'Richrd III,'" Leonard F. Dean, "The Braggart in Italian Renaissance Comedy," Daniel C. Boughner, "The Real Martin Marprelate," Donald J. McGinn, "The Optics of Love: Notes on a Concept of Atomistic Philosophy in the Theatre of Tirso de Molina," Frank G. Halstead, "Calderon's 'Silvas,'" Harry W. Hilborn, "The Vogue of Decadent French Tragedies in Spain - 1762-1800," Charles B. Qualia, "An Early Suiter of Mary Wollstonecraft," Elizabeth Nitchie, "Heinrich Heine, 'Blackguard' and 'Apostate' a Study of the Earliest English Attitude Towards Him," Sol Liptzin, "Tennyson and the Reviewers, 1830-1842," Edgar Finley Shannon, Jr., "Saint Antoine et les Monstres," Jean Sezneg, "Swinburne; 'Changes of Aspect' and 'Short Notes,'" Clyde K. Hyder, "C.F. Meyer's 'Der Heilige' in Relation to its Sources," R. T. Hardaway, "Das Lutherbild der Jungen Nietzsche," Heinz Blum, "Anmerkungen zur Dichtung von Leon-Paul Fargue," Walter Naumann. Very Good.

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