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New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, (1946), 8vo. Cloth. 245 p. "In the 1940s, shortly after she suspended a successful career as leading fashion designer, Elizabeth Hawes took a job in the educational department of the United Auto Workers' Union." This book "serves as both her memoirs of the exciting union drives of World War II and a call for socialism... Readers today will be intrigued by Hawes' unique stand on the Woman Question." She "delineates carefully the problems women faced in the UAW and its auxiliaries and attacks the industry's discrimination against working women. She offers ample evidence of rampant sexual exploitation of female union organizers." Her account "provides a rare and fascinating insight into the sexual politics of the UAW and its Left political campaigns during World War II" - Buhle 1st ed. Buhle 303.

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