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How Books Are Selected for Purchase by Librarians?: (Remarks by Leon C. Hills to the Mayflower Society of the District of Columbia, October 17, 1956)

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Washington: National Defense Committee, N.S.D.A.R., ca. 1956, Mimeographed. Single sheet printed on both sides. Decries the influence of reviews in the "New York Times," "New York Herald Tribune" and "Saturday Review of Literature" in determining book selection. More disturbing to Hill than these allegedly left-leaning publications is the undue influence exerted by the "Library Journal." He notes: "At present Daniel Melcher is editor of the 'Publisher's Weekly' and also publisher of the 'Library Journal.' Of course, as a publisher of an independent booklet or magazine, he has a right to color the work as red or left-wing as desired, but it is alarming and scandalous that his private enterprise, the 'Library Journal' is generally accepted as a proper and reliable library guide for the purchase of books by our thousands of libraries"

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