Gu Kaizhi and the Admonitions Scroll: Ideals of Etiquette, Art

Gu Kaizhi and the Admonitions Scroll: Ideals of Etiquette, Art and Empire from Early China

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British Museum Press, 8.4 x 11", 336 pp., 50 color and 165 b/w illustrations, cloth, d.j., London, 2003. This volume is a compilation of papers from the international colloquy held in June 2001, jointly organized by the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art and the British Museum. It is a full publication of an iconic early major masterwork of Chinese figure painting which has been in the British Museum since 1903 but is rarely on display for conservation reasons. The book makes use of new high-quality digital photography of every aspect of the world-famous scroll. Contents: Introduction: The Admonitions Scroll and Chinese Art History by Wen C. Fong PART I: KINGSHIP, THE WAY AND ART A Study of the Date of the Admonitions Scroll based on Landscape Portrayal by Yang Xin Creating Ancestors by Audrey Spiro Concerning the Date and Authorship of the Admonitions Handscroll by Richard M. Barnhart The Admonitions Scroll Revisited: Iconology, Narratology, Style, Dating by Wu Hung Who was Zhang Hua''s ''Instructress''? by Julia K. Murray Re-figuring: The Visual Rhetoric of Northern Wei Filial Piety Engravings by Eugene Y. Wang Remarks of a Femal Historian: Discussant''s Commentary by Michael Nylan PART II: GU KAIZHI AND THE LITERATI TRADITION The Admonitions Scroll in the British Museum: New Light on the Text-Image Relationships, Painting Style and Dating Problem by Chen Pao-chen The Convergence of Gu Kaizhi''s and ''Admonitions'' in the Literary Record by Alfreda Murck The Admonitions Scroll: A Song Version by Yu Hui ''Like the Gossamer Thread of a Spring Silkworm'': Gui Kaizhi in the Yuan Renaissance by Shane McCausland The Evolving Significance of Gu Kaizhi and the Admonitions of the Court Instructress by Maxwell K. Hearn PART III: THE TREASURE OF EMPIRES Beyond the Admonitions Scroll: A Study of Mounting, Inscriptions and Seals by Wang Yao-T''ing A Cultural Biography of the Admonition Scroll: 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries by Stephen Little Late Ming Collectors and Connoisseurs and the Making of Modern Concept of Gu Kaizhi by Yin Ji''nan The Admonitions Scroll in the Context of Ming (1368-1644) Aesthetics and Collecting: Material Artefact, Cultural Biography and Cultural Imagining by Cary Y. Liu A Cultural Biography of the Admonitions Scroll: The Qianlong Reign, 1735-1795 by Nixi Cura The 19th-Century Provenance of the Admonitions Scroll: A Hypothesis by Zhang Hongxing The Admonitions Scroll in the 20th Century by Charles Mason The Admonitions Scroll in the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries: Discussant''s Remarks by Craig Clunas.

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