The Aquarian Messenger (20 Issues spanning 1948-1965)

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Toronto: Church of Light in Canada, 1965. Twenty issues, all stapled single-sided mimeographed sheets, trifolded to fit in envelope. Published quarterly. Issues: Autumn Number 1948, Spring 1951, Fall 1951, Fall 1952, Spring 1953, Fall 1953, Spring & Summer 1954, & Winter 1954-Winter 1955, Summer 1956 with an appeal for letters to a senior citizen suscriber, Winter 1956, Summer-Winter 1958, Spring 1959, and Number Two-- 1965. Includes five original stamped envelopes and Church of Light News Letter Vol 2 No 7 (undated). Very Good overall, a few stray stains, light wear. An astrological new age sect founded in Los Angeles in 1932, The Church of Light is the successor organization to the initiatic Brotherhood of Light, itself an offshoot of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. These newsletters were issued by its Canadian branch, featuring writing by Elbert Benjamine and Edward Doane. None of these issues located in OCLC, only one much later issue. First Edition. Very Good.

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