"Karl Marx"

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Austria: by the artist, 1965. Portrait in pencil of Karl Marx's head with full beard (4.7" x 3/9" / 11.9 x 9.9 cm), executed on paper in the style of Soviet Socialist Realism, unframed, signed with monogram. A handsome sketch by Rudolf Herrmann of the enormously influential political economist. It has been signed by the artist with his initials or monogram. It is nicely detailed though a bit faint, which suggests for this viewer a study done from the life though it isn't. Rudolph Herrmann (1879 -- 1964) was a well listed Viennese illustrator who was active for commuinist newspapers and magazines in the 1930's and after the mid-1940's. Karl Marx (1818 - 1883) was a Prussian-born philosopher, economist, political theorist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. As an adult, Marx spent much of his life in London, England, where he developed his thought in collaboration with Friedrich Engels and published several works, the most well-known being the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto. His work has since greatly influenced subsequent intellectual, economic, and political history. Marx's theories about society, economics, and politics-collectively understood as "Marxism"-hold that human societies develop through class struggle; in capitalism, this manifests itself in the conflict between the ruling classes (known as the "bourgeoisie") that control the means of production and working classes (known as the "proletariat") that enable these means by selling their labour for wages--a critical approach known as "historical materialism." For Marx, class antagonisms under capitalism, owing in part to its instability and crisis-prone nature, would eventuate the working class' development of class consciousness, leading to their conquest of political power and eventually the establishment of a classless, communist society constituted by a free association of producers. Marx actively fought for such socio-economic emancipation, though never saw it come to fruition. Marx has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history, and his work has been both lauded and criticised. His work in economics laid the basis for much of the current understanding of labour and its relation to capital, and subsequent economic thought. Many intellectuals, labour unions, artists and political parties worldwide have been influenced by Marx's work, with many modifying or adapting his ideas. Marx is typically cited as one of the principal architects of modern social science.--slightly adapting Wikipedia. A few very light ripples to the paper around the subject's head don't detract and would undoubtedly disappear almost completely with matting and framing. original. Very Good +.

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