Hazardous Duty; An American Soldier in the Twentieth Century

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New York: Summit Books, c1991. 24 cm. 574 pages. Illustrations. Maps. Notes. Index. . "Autographed by author" sticker on front DJ. Inscribed and signed on a bookplate inside the front cover by the author (Singlaub). John Kirk Singlaub (born July 10, 1921) is a highly decorated former OSS officer, a founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and a retired Major General in the United States Army. In 1977 Singlaub was relieved from his position as Chief of Staff of U.S. forces in South Korea after criticizing President Jimmy Carter's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the Korean peninsula in an interview with the Washington Post. Less than a year later Singlaub was forced to retire after publicly questioning President Carter's national security policies. In 1979 Singlaub founded the Western Goals Foundation, a private intelligence network that was implicated for supplying weapons to the contras during the Iran-Contra affair. Singlaub has contributed to several books, as well as writing an autobiography. Derived from a Kirkus review: A fast-paced account of ``covert operations'' by a 40-year veteran of the intelligence battles of the cold war. Singlaub, who served with the OSS in WW II and then with the early CIA, describes military and intelligence missions in Nazi-occupied France, and in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Nicaragua. Singlaub makes clear the significance of these missions--he was always a soldier in America's just war against ruthless Communist aggression. Singlaub appears to view geopolitical issues in terms of a battle between the forces of darkness, led the Communist world, and the forces of light, led by America. Singlaub's account of intelligence operations make for fascinating reading, particularly his description of contacting French resistance leaders prior to D-Day, working on the Nationalist side during the Chinese Revolution, and managing the secret war along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The author demonstrates that, through four decades of service, his world view and his devotion to his duty as he sees it have remained constant. A firsthand perspective on America's long secret war against Communism, rendered by one of its primary combatants. First Edition, First Printing. Very good.

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