Jackdaw No. 31: Winston Churchill 1874-1965

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London: Jackdaw Publications (founded by Jonathan Cape), n.d. Complied by Churchill's official biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert (1936-2015), this folder of facsimile documents published by Jackdaw Publications contains 16 items housed in a heavy, illustrated cardstock folder. The item is in near fine condition overall, the documents within as-new, the illustrated envelope lightly worn and toned and still contained in the tatty remains of the original clear plastic wrapping. These items include: (1) The text of Churchill's telegram of December 30th, 1899, describing his escape from the Boers; (2) Churchill's 1908 letter to Prime Minister Asquith accepting his first Cabinet post; (3) the front page of the May 11th, 1908 Daily Mirror after Churchill was elected M.P. for North-West Manchester; (4) Note on the Channel Tunnel from when Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty from 1911-1915; (5) Pages from the May 10th, 1926 British Gazette during the General Strike; (6) Beating the Invader, a leaflet prepared when Churchill was Prime Minister in 1940; (7) Poster issued during the Second World War; (8) Telegram from Churchill after the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945; (9) Pages from the Daily Herald, July 27th, 19 after Churchill resigned his wartime Premiership; (10) A 1963 Act signed by President Kennedy granting Churchill honorary citizenship of the United States; (11) A selection of photographs and speeches; (12) A map of Churchill's travels and writings between 1874 and 1914 and a map of his wartime conferences from 1941-1945; (13) a selection of four broadsheets. From the envelope exterior: "This Jackdaw shows the development and progress of his career through letters, leaflets, newspaper accounts and speeches. With exhibits ranging from his own dramatic account of his escape in the Boer War of 1899, to a facsimile of the Act, signed by John F. Kennedy in 1963, which made Churchill an honorary citizen of the United States, it covers his political life of more than half a century." No compiler of documents could be more qualified to make selections from Churchill's long and immensely eventful public life. Eminent historian Sir Martin Gilbert was most noted for his mammoth official biography of Sir Winston Churchill. In 1962, Gilbert was a twenty-five year old Oxford graduate student when he joined Winston Churchill's official biography team, then led by Churchill's son, Randolph. "I'd thought I'd last four or five months." Instead, when Randolph died in 1968 with only two volumes completed and fifty-one momentous years of Churchill's life remaining to be written, Gilbert took over. He would go on to commit the substantial portion of his scholarship and life's work to documenting, comprehending, and communicating what Gilbert called the "remarkable and versatile life" of Winston Churchill.

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