Operation Greenhouse 1951 DNA 6034F; United States Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Tests Nuclear Test Personnel Review

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Las Vegas, NV: Bechtel Nevada Coordination and Information Center, CD produced in 2001. CD ROM of DNA 6034 F, Operation Greenhouse 1951 Final Report (Coordination and Information Center [CIC] at the then Bechtel Nevada DOE contractor), CIC Document No. 39509 has come into our possession. This report was produced by Kaman Tempo for the United States Department of Defense, Defense Nuclear Agency. It was produced from the best available copy and is in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. The CD has a date of 6/29/01. It is believed to have been provided to a member of the Department of Energy's Nuclear Program Division duty stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An individual's name and some other information is written on the CD. The Document Record Sheet lists it as 334 pages. The contents are quite legible although some pages are fainter than others. This is referenced as Bechtel Nevada Coordination and Information Center (CIC) Document No. 39509. This is a CD-ROM and the file is in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format The Greenhouse Test Series was conducted at Enewetok Atoll in April and May of 1951. It consisted of four relatively high yield tests (by the standards of the time) - Dog, Easy, George, and Item. Dog and Easy were proof tests of two new strategic bombs the Mk 6 and Mk 5 respectively. George and Item were the first true tests of thermonuclear fusion - the release of fusion energy from thermally excited nuclei. George was a research experiment that studied deuterium-fusion burning when heated by thermal radiation. Item was the first test of the principle of fusion boosting of fission devices. Dog was a proof test of Mk 6 strategic bomb. Easy was a proof test of the TX-5D bomb, a major advance in weight reduction for implosion bombs. George was the largest nuclear explosion to date (a record that stood until the first thermonuclear device test, Ivy Mike, 17 months later). George was a thermonuclear physics experiment and used a purely experimental device design unsuitable for use as a weapon. Item was the first test of the principle of "fusion boosting", the use of a thermonuclear fusion reaction to inject neutrons into a fission core to boost efficiency. Reprint/downloaded onto a CD-ROM. Good.

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