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The Truth in Time: An Outline of the Gradual Integration of Evil Forces into What Has Now Become the Communist Conspiracy, from Its Amorphous Beginnings in the Eighteenth Century up to Its Present Worldwide Reach with Tentacles of Steel

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Belmont, Mass.: American Opinion, (1966), Wraps. 29 p. Presents a picture of a continuous conspiracy to dominate the world beginning with the Illuminati in 1776 and continuing to the present. Throughout this period the conspiracy was controlled by a "ruling clique" referred to here as the "INSIDERS." All historical phenomena in this epoch were the result of actions taken by the INSIDERS. For instance, Stalin, whether as an INSIDER or merely as their agent, "precipitated" World War II "by encouraging Hitler (through a temporary alliance) to invade Poland. By the end of 1941 Stalin had exactly the alinement he had wanted. He had broken with his carefully built up foil, Adolf Hitler, who had then invaded both France and Russia itself. The United States had been brought into the war in Europe by massive propaganda, with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as the blinding flash which overcame all resistance to our involvement...," etc Near Fine.

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